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Transforming the perception of refugees in the Netherlands

The Refugee Talent Hub is an employer initiative bringing together employers and job seekers with refugee backgrounds. They reach 100,000 people annually with factual information and positive stories.

To achieve their goals they need the support of large corporations in the Netherlands. During an online workshop, the Refugee Talent Hub and its corporate partners explored how to join forces and change the perception of refugees in the Netherlands. The participating organizations have an enormous joint communicative power with which they can make much more impact!

Artifizer designed and facilitated this online workshop free of charge for the Refugee Talent Hub. Our original plan was to host a live workshop in a beautiful old gym in Amsterdam. Due to circumstances, we adapted to this digital version of the gym. We did cover the walls with ideas and made use of the available gym equipment. 🏀

Mapping the current state

We started by defining the current state. All participants mapped out the current image of refugees in the Netherlands. Individual observations about the current image are placed and arranged on the virtual wall. The participants then voted on the most observed themes.

Imagining the desired future

After we mapped out the current image, we set to work on the desired image of refugees in the Netherlands. Numerous ideas about the desired future state were placed and arranged on the virtual wall. The participants then voted, so patterns and themes appeared.

Moving from challenges to solutions

With a clear picture of the challenges, we could determine which action points were necessary to reach the desired objectives. We have divided these actions into three categories: Start, which activities should we initiate, behaviors must we stop, and efforts we should continue.

Workshop outcomes

As a final deliverable of this workshop, Artifizer has delivered a report with the workshop's outcomes, recommendations, and actions. This report provides insights and inspiration to make strategic choices about the necessary steps to change the perception of refugees in the Netherlands.

It was a pleasure to work with the Refugee Talent Hub team and the participating organizations in the workshops! I sincerely hope to have contributed to Refugee Talent Hub through this project! Would you like to know more about how Artifizer supports organizations in complex communication? Feel free to reach out!

Many thanks to Hermen Lutje Berenbroek for a refreshing workshop! This session was a significant first step to changing the perception of newcomers and work. To be continued!

—Wilma Roozenboom

Managing Director Refugee Talent Hub



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