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Visual Thinking Workshop in Lyon

At the Directions EMEA conference in Lyon, I facilitated a workshop that delved into the essence of visual thinking in business. Titled "Power up the potential of your team," this session aimed to reveal the potential of visual thinking as a transformative tool in professional settings.

During the workshop, we focused on the power of drawing to enhance understanding, team alignment, and co-creation. We conducted several interactive activities that demonstrated how visual tools can bridge the gap between different interpretations of words. These exercises also highlighted the importance of visual communication in clarifying ideas and shaping aspirations for the future.

These activities showed us how visual representation can significantly promote diversity and inclusivity. Witnessing how drawing helped participants break free from conventional thinking and embrace a more comprehensive and representative world perspective was inspiring.

The Transformative Power of Visual Thinking

The most remarkable aspect of the workshop was witnessing the participants' transformation. They began with hesitation, unsure of their drawing abilities. However, in a short span, they gained confidence, using drawings to communicate their ideas effectively.

This change highlighted the empowering nature of visual thinking in professional communication. I am eager to facilitate more such inspiring experiences, helping professionals harness the power of their visual brains. Together, we can make 'serious fun' a constant in our professional lives and unlock new dimensions of creativity and innovation!



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