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Explore your personal purpose

You may feel the impact of a turbulent economy, climate crisis, or other social issues. You may have lost your job due to these factors, or you may be looking for meaningful work in an environment where many people feel uncertain about their future. I have developed the purpose canvas to help us find meaning in what we do, even if our circumstances change drastically.

What is the Purpose canvas

The Purpose Canvas is a tool to help you find purpose in your work. It's based on the Purpose Venn diagram created by Andrés Zuzunaga, which I've adapted into an open-source MURAL template that can be downloaded and used for free by anyone who wants to explore meaningful work.

The Purpose Canvas is designed for personal ideation and exploration; it guides you through each step of the process so that you have a place to update and adjust your journey over time.

How do you use it?

  1. Start with ideating the things you love to do. These speak to your passion

  2. Please fill in what you are good at (not just your profession). Try to keep an open mind when filling this in.

  3. Here you think about all the things you can do to make money (including those that don't require a degree or certification)

  4. Now ideate on all the things the world needs (again, keep an open mind here)

  5. At this stage, you can look at your answers and look for overlap with neighboring categories.

I hope the canvas helps you on your journey to get closer to your purpose. Feel free to use, share, and improve! Good luck!

Start here to create your own Purpose Venn Diagram. The template guides you through each step of the process and provides you with a place to update and adjust your journey over time.


About the Ikigai Venn Diagram

The actual Ikigai Venn Diagram is not the Ikigai concept. Andrés Zuzunaga created the Purpose Venn Diagram, and it became the source of understanding about ikigai in the West. There are multiple versions of his diagram available online--and each one has slightly different components or labels on them. However, they all follow a similar format. Nicholas Kemp at the Ikigai tribe wrote a great article about the Origin of the Ikigai Venn Diagram.



Are you looking for support?

I'm here to help! Learn more about how I support teams and organizations to align, prioritize, and get work done through visual collaboration.

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