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Animation: Make space for imagination

MURAL is a space for teams to collaborate visually and problem-solve faster with an easy-to-use digital canvas. MURAL has powerful facilitation features, guided methods, and the deep expertise organizations need to transform teamwork.

While technology empowers us to solve some of our challenges, it is people who are creative. Engagement is the key to building solutions together. MURAL talks a lot about the need to "make space for imagination." MURAL provides the platform for us and our teams to be creative and productive — no matter where we work.

The challenge

MURAL engaged Artifizer to visually illustrate and articulate their vision of making space for imagination. During the creation of this animation, we discovered a shared passion for visual collaboration. Besides the animation, our collaboration sparked a blog post about using MURAL's platform to create engaging online meetings and get stuff done!

The process

The online workshop

We kicked off our project with... a workshop in MURAL! I ensured to design a visual workshop to get the required input for the animation. Our meeting's agenda served as the structure to zoom in and explore audiences and objectives. An animated GIF timer made sure we would end our session on time; pressure makes diamonds!


The storyboard presentation

After receiving the needed input, I started drafting the storyboard. I decided to stick to the visual tool and create the entire storyboard in MURAL. This enabled us to review and finetune the storyboard on the spot!

The final animation

For the final animation, I used Flip-a-clip on the iPad. The great thing about the animation is that it is not just about visual collaboration; it results from visual collaboration!

Do you want to take your ideas and make them punch? Hire Hermen. He's an expert at turning complex, hard to unpack ideas into simple, highly relevant visualizations and concepts — he'lll take your project to the next level."

Justin Owings,

Director of Content Strategy



Are you looking for support?

I'm here to help! Learn more about how I support teams and organizations to align, prioritize, and get work done through visual collaboration.

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