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Vision Activation

Crafting a
Shared Future


How do you onboard teams to your vision?

Many organizations struggle with a vague or undefined vision, leading to confusion and misalignment among teams. Without a clear vision, people find it challenging to understand the overall purpose and goals of the organization, resulting in a lack of motivation and direction.

Vision is not just about setting goals but also creating a shared understanding of the direction of a company or department. In addition, values play a crucial role in connecting the vision to the day-to-day work. By aligning actions and decisions with shared values, teams can work towards fulfilling the vision and achieving success.

Involving stakeholders in the process of building a shared vision is essential. Their support and belief in the vision are crucial. By developing a visual representation of this vision, you engage people deeply, making them active participants in your journey. This visual tool is not just an illustration; it's a strategic asset that unifies stakeholders and the organization around a shared vision. It serves as a beacon, guiding and reminding everyone of the collective direction.

Approach phase 1


The first step is a compact workshop with the core team. We depict and organize the different aspects of the vision and explore its impact on the various stakeholders.


The benefits of vision creation

Organizational Alignment 

Fosters a unified direction and shared commitment, ensuring everyone in the organization is moving towards the same goals.

Vision2 copy.jpg
Clarity and Focus

Provides a clear roadmap for prioritizing resources and efforts, simplifying decision-making, and guiding the organization through complex environments.

Stakeholder Engagement

Enhances trust and buy-in from stakeholders, inspiring confidence and securing enthusiasm for the organization's vision and future initiatives.



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