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Strategic planning workshop

NET2GRID is an AI company with offices in the Netherlands and Greece. Their mission is to accelerate the Energy Transition by empowering energy retailers to help consumers become energy efficient by unlocking value from Smart Meter data. With significant headcount growth and continued product and service development, they needed to redefine their plans to address their target markets more efficiently.

About the workshop

This workshop brought different stakeholders in the leadership team together to understand the modified organizational structure, the needs, and challenges of each team, and ultimately align on high-level company plans.

We met in person in the Netherlands for two days of workshops. We identified our goals, values, and purposes during the first workshop day. We used visual thinking exercises to reveal challenges. On this day, we also used a tailor-made visual Canvas tool to align teams with their goals, values, and purposes.

On the second workshop day, we identified roadblocks and solutions based on what we learned during the first session, then created action plans around them, so everyone knew what needed to be done next! Finally, all ideas were brought alive on the walls into one high-level strategic plan for 2023.

"The workshop helped the different stakeholders at NET2GRID to identify the needs and risks of the organization and develop a clear path forward."

— Michel Muurmans, Chief strategy officer at NET2GRID



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