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Strategy launch across European offices

Customs Support is a leading provider of consulting and declarations services in Europe. Over the past few years, it has experienced significant growth and now operates in 12 countries across Europe. Customs Support has renewed its strategy and wants to launch this in its European offices through a clear visual representation.

In this case study, you'll learn how Customs Support worked with Artifizer to align all their European offices around a new strategy.

The value of the design process

The project kicked off with an online workshop with the core team. This workshop is a vital part of the process, as it helps engage stakeholders in the strategy and ensures everyone aligns with the objectives. During this workshop, we depicted different aspects of the new strategy and explored its impact on various stakeholders.

Based on the workshop outcomes, Artifizer constructed three different visual concepts. These concepts support the core team in defining the appropriate metaphor to communicate the strategy. In addition, the concepts enabled the core team to engage other stakeholders in the process.

After approval, the chosen concepts and additional feedback were further developed into a visual blueprint. The blueprint is a detailed hand-made sketch and adds another level of detail to visualize the new strategy accurately. After the blueprint was approved, Artifizer worked with illustrator Kristiaan der Nederlanden to create the final illustrated artwork that matched the corporate identity.

The results

The outcome of the process is a visual map that aligns the different offices across Europe around the new strategy. It creates a visual representation in each office, so all stakeholders clearly understand how to support the new strategy.

"It was essential to arrange the right content for our visual map. The visual map aligns all our offices across Europe around our new strategy and helps all stakeholders clearly understand how they can support it."

— Gerben Willemsen, Chief Commercial Officer Customs Support



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