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The Sketchnote Army Podcast with Hermen Lutje Berenbroek.

In 2015 I was so excited to meet Mike Rohde in Portland! I'm super honored to be part of his podcast series this season! This first episode will discuss how Visual Thinking empowers people to explore and understand complex information. I'll also talk about creating my visual thinking course with Domestika.

Funny detail; my friend and former XPLANE colleague Tim May was sitting right in front of me that day in 2015. He is also appearing on Mike's podcast this season!

About Mike Rohde and the Sketchnote Army

Mike Rohde is the founder of Sketchnote Army, designer, and author of The Sketchnote Handbook and Sketchnote Workbook.

Sketchnote Army is dedicated to showcasing sketchnoters and their work worldwide.



Are you looking for support?

I'm here to help! Learn more about how I support teams and organizations to align, prioritize, and get work done through visual collaboration.

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