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Visual collaboration


In business, complexity increases continuously. Understanding how many different interconnected elements work is cognitively demanding. Our visual approach reveals components and interdependencies in your business or initiative. Visual collaboration empowers diverse teams to align, prioritize, and get work done.

Project ecosytem map

Whether you are developing new business models or complex products and services, success depends on getting people to collaborate.


Align diverse stakeholders to understand components, interdependencies, and scope. Empower teams to understand complex propositions and build the right solutions.


Collaborate by design

Equip people with visual tools and skills to set a course into the unknown. Designed experiences, canvases, and visual collaboration tools provide structure to explore complex and ambiguous ideas. Empower teams to co-create innovative solutions.

Visual Thinking training

Professionals rely on communication to coordinate efforts and accomplish organizational goals in any business setting.


Drawing is a highly undervalued skill to explore, organize, and present ideas. It encourages active listening and empathy. Visual Thinking training empowers people to co-create innovative solutions. 


“Hermen has the gift to guide you as product owner by visualizing and defining your vision. This makes it easy to translate it into practice and gets employees and stakeholders on the same page. The result is that everybody is aware of the common goals, their contribution, and the focus, to achieve the highest business value.”


Ynske Bor,

Product Owner Corporate Credits

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